Hardware Template

Last weekend I tried my hand at being a handyman. This weekend I took another stab at it.

Yesterday, in the span of an hour, I fixed and hung our bedroom mirror, hung a child gate, and fixed the front door.

To fix the mirror, I needed to reattach the anchor in the mirror, and restring the hanging line. To hang off the mirror on wall I tapped in two drywall anchors, and two screws. All that remained was hanging the mirror and levelling it. That was easy.

Next up was the child gate at the top of the stairs. Sox and I had ordered new mounting hardware and I followed their instructions using the provided template. It was pretty easy. Find a stud behind the wall, tape the stencil to the wall, drill with a 1/8″ bit to depth of two inches through the 4 x marks. With that done I screwed the brackets on and slide the gate in to those.

The gate didn’t fit. The template was the wrong size. One of the bate hinges fit into the bracket fine, but the other one was barely connected. Grrr. I drilled another hole in the wall and fixed the problem, but now we have a visible hole. Lame.

The other side of the gate required some bracket so the gate can secure itself into the wall. I had to trim the baseboard a little to make the bottom one fit. Phew. More work than I wanted, but at least that was done. I went to mount the second one, and realized it will not fit where we want it to at the bottom of the stairs due to some ornamental plaster work. I gave up on the second one and waited for Sox’s input.

Finally I decided to tackle the door again. I wanted to fix how it was hanging, and put in some weather stripping. I pulled out the old weather stripping, and put in some new stuff I had. No go. It was worse than when I started. I pulled off my new stuff, threw that away, and replaced the old stuff. I learned that the gap I was seeing was due to how the door was hanging.

So I tried to fix the door again. This time I managed to get the door back to the way it was before I started fiddling with it. It still catches a little, but not like it did the day before.

All in all I would count that as a success. Hanging the mirror was easy since I have done that many times before. The gate wasn’t too bad, just a little extra fiddling to make it all work nicely. The door was my big victory.