Sudoku Christmas

Christmas was really fun this year.  With Sprout around Sox and I wanted to spend Christmas morning at our home, so that is what we did.  Waking up at 6 am due to Sprout noises meant we got an early start to the day, but that was OK with us.

We opened a the gifts we had gotten Sprout’s and he eagerly played with them while we ate breakfast.  When it was time for his nap, we jumped into the car and headed up to Nanaimo for Christmas with Gramma and Auntie C.  More presents, and more yummy breakfast. Sprout got a wonderful Tigger plane that he played and played and played with.  Actually, Sprout got quite a few wonderful gifts.

Boxing day was leisurely and relaxed.  Yoshi got a walk on the beach, Sprout played with his toys, and Sox and I did Sudoku puzzles.

The morning of the 27th started off very stormy.  Our original plan was to stay until after dinner and drive home while it was dark.  We changed the plan due to the weather since I didn’t want to drive while it was stormy.  We left around lunch time which worked well for Sprout, but by that time the storm has dissipated.  Oops.

Back at home we recuperated for a couple days, then headed over to Vancouver for a couple more days to visit with Sox’s family.  All her brothers and sister were in town, plus all their significant others, their children, and their dogs.  It was quite a full house (7 adults, 4 children, 3 dogs, and 1 cat).

I came home on the 31st with Yoshi while Sox continued on to Powell River with her sister to see their dad.  New Years Eve was pretty quiet for me, and I didn’t do anything except watch a bit (lot) of TV.  At midnight I said Happy New Year to Yoshi then went to bed. I could hear fireworks outside, and of course this drove Yoshi scared and silly.  A half hour later I kicked him out of the bedroom and he went to bed.

Today I woke up feeling sick, but then went for a bike ride.  I got cleaned up after the ride and have basically lounged the rest of the day. Tomorrow I return to work, and Sox and Sprout return home some time (hence why I didn’t go with them).

I hope to get some pics of all this up some time soon.

Several people have asked me about Sprout’s first Christmas and how much fun it was. My answer is that his first Christmas was very fun.  He seemed to love his new toys that he got, and played with all of them quite a bit. He also got lots of cute clothing.  The flip side was that I very much enjoyed his first Christmas. It was fun to watch him play and get excited about his toys, and really was a hint of years to come.  Stories of Santa coming to leave presents, reindeer on the roof, leaving cookies for Santa and treats for Rudolph, stuffed stockings, and excitement/anticipation for presents.  I think that Christmas next year will be quite different from this year, and quite fun since he will be old enough to open his own presents (and maybe a few of mine too).