WWE Interesting

Sunday I got out to see the WWE when it was in town. Jim’s friend got the seats, and I was stoked since they were first row. First row yes, ringside, no. Hard to explain, but our row of seat started off at ringside, but extended out away from the ring. Bit of a bummer since mine and Jim’s seats were essentially what we had last time. Still great seats, but not ringside like I was expecting.

The show was as fun as always. I brought the small camera this time, but very few of my shots turned out. I hate using the highest ISO setting, but that is what was needed to capture anything remotely interesting.

The matches were fun to see, and some of the wrestlers are extraordinary acrobats.

Then there are the WWE Divas. There was a Diva contest while we were there. Essentially a bikini contest. If you can call those strips of fabric bikini’s that is 😉

The Undertaker was fun to watch, and so was Benoit. Most of the matches had their good points. All except the first one. The first one was lame. It was over very quickly (too quickly).

The headlining match was Batista against Mr Kennedy. I saw Batista last time. Behemoth, but good wrestler to watch.

All in all it was a fun day.