Experience Dads

I just got back from an interesting experience today.  I had to do some errands this morning, so I took Sprout with me.  I ended up at Mayfair mall, and after finishing my running around, I decided to get a coffee from Starbucks.

As I am heading in to the store, I notice a friend of mine wheeling his son towards the mall. He also had a friend of his, with his daughter.

So, there I am with two other dads, and two other kids, walking around the mall talking dad stuff, and drinking coffee.  I found it very enjoyable, yet something I never would have imagined myself if you had asked me when I was in my 20’s.

Sprout had fun too.  He always likes getting out, and that mall has a lot of sights to see.  I also bought him a few new toys which he seems to love playing with 🙂