Sweating Map

climbing towards fitness

Training rides seem like they are hard to come by. Today I rode to work, and it took a lot less time than I was expecting, which is a great thing.

Starting off from home it was a little chilly, but just perfect for riding really. My HRM seems a little wonky, and wasn’t registering for the longest time. When it did start when I was downtown I was already up to 160. I slowed down a bit so I would be sweating quite so much at work. Light rain started when I was a few blocks away, so I didn’t even get wet.

I took the most direct route, which also has the most traffic and stop lights. I left home a little after 7:30, and was in the office at 8. Not bad I would say. The linked map says it is just a little over 7.5 km.

I think for my ride home I will take a longer route. Maybe along the water. According to the map that is approx 16.5 km.