Forward Weeds

Yesterday was such a nice day, and I was so looking forward to getting out for a ride. Unfortunately I woke up feeling run down, and I had a sore throat. I think I picked up this cold from Sprout, but I am not 100% sure.

Instead I took it easy at home. The longer I was home the nicer the weather got, and the warmer it became. Damn.

As I was taking it easy I could hear some of the neighbours out mowing their lawns. I knew that our lawn needed to be done too since the dandelions were beginning to flower. I also knew that if I didn’t get out there and do it, that sox would when she got home and then I would just feel too guilty.

So I got out and mowed the lawn. It looked way better once I was finished, but this just pointed out to me how beaten up our yard has become over the last year of neglect. I can forsee many, many hours spent toiling to work back the weeds and repair the damage.

I also managed to get a little work done on our composter to (hopefully) stop the critters from invading it. I screened off one side of the composter where the critters had dug under the edge, and tunneled into the compost.

No progress on the deck this weekend either. What a waste of perfect work weather. I know the guy needs a weekend too, but our landlord has promised this deck will be done by the end of March. That is next weekend, and there is a bit more construction to do, then the entire deck needs to be stained. It is kind of out of my control, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hope it will be done. I just want my BBQ back up next to the kitchen and not in the carport any more.

Next weekend sox and I hope to tackle the dumping ground that our garage has become.