Trainer Movies

Rode the trainer again today. The past week Victoria has had some strange weather which included hail, rain, cold temps, and snow. I opted to do the trainer, and not the road for that reason. Today was looking better than the rest of the week, but not good enough.

I rode to a different DVD today. NSX 8 Cease and Desist. Nice change. I am going to try and cycle through a bunch of movies I have. It is pretty cool to see some of the older movies.

I did a 3 minute warm up, then a 38 minute ride with a 3 minute cool down at the end. I think that is a little less than last week, but that is OK.

I’m thinking more about getting a new bike computer for my road bike. I think I want to get one with a cadence meter. This will allow me to, in conjunction with the HRM, to ensure I keep up the effort. I quite often slowly slack off, little by little until I finally do notice it.