Canmore Bail

Another thing I should mention is that last weekend I decided to not do that Canmore 24 Hours of Adrenaline. There are lots of factors involved in that decision. I haven’t really felt like doing the race for the past few months, so getting myself out to ride always involved guilting myself. That isn’t fun.

A couple of my teammates also had to bail (for other reasons), and they were part of the reason I signed up in the first place. Without them I would have been racing with a bunch of relative strangers, and that is not why I signed up.

I have other vacation plans around the race timeframe, so by not going I can free up more time for camping.

Lastly, by not going I will save probably close to $500 for travel, camping, and racing expenses.

I feel crappy for bailing, but in my heart I know I wasn’t committed to doing the race. I did get out for rides recently though, and that is a good thing.