Life Release

When life gets busy, my hobbies seem to take a back seat. Pretty normal I guess.

Lots has happened in the last couple weeks.

The truck was in for regular maintenance, and to check out a couple noises. One noise cost $800 to repair. The catalytic converter was shot. I had decided to try out Victoria Car Clinic too. As a first experience I was less than thrilled since they didn’t remember I dropped off the truck in the morning, and when I called to see if it would be ready, they panicked and I ended up leaving it with them for another day.

I upgraded this site to the latest Drupal release. Very cool. I worked on the theme today to get it more to my liking.

I’ve ridden to work a few times.

Last weekend some good friends of ours got married. It was a very, very fun wedding, and it also marked the first time I have been hired as a photographer. It was fun being the wedding photog, but I don’t think I want to do that full time.

I also finished with my probation period at my new company. I am now a fully fledged Kodak employee!

Life. Nutshell. That’s it.