Karma Replacement

Riding to and from work is pretty easy, and really isn’t all that far. Still, to be on the safe side I always carry a small toolkit and a spare tube. That came in handy for yesterdays ride. About a 1/3 of the way to work I got a flat and pulled over to change it.

I whipped out the tools and set to changing the tube. While doing this I was passed by at least six cyclists, none of whom asked if I was OK or had everything. Most roadies and mountain bikers I know do this for one another. It is called karma. I have helped people patch tubes, wrench on their bike, and have given up tubes to others in need. Road rides I have done I have ensured other cyclists were taken care of. Here I was though, and nobody said a thing. Weird.

As I was about to put the new tube back in the tire I suddenly had an inkling that I should check the tire for debris. Sure enough I found a 1/3 inch long shard of glass poking though the tire. With that removed I got the tire remounted and inflated with my CO2 filler. It wasn’t a fast replacement, but it was effective.

Last night the wind kicked up before I could ride home so Sox picked me up, and today I rode home instead. No major ride here, but at least I know I can ride 7 km at a brisk pace with no problems. 🙂 Canmore here I come! (maybe)