Speakers Problem

A couple weekends ago I went to Future Shock Shop and got myself some new speakers for my work computer. I don’t need anything fancy, so cheapies will do. I found some $30 Logitech speakers that looked like they would do the deed. My only requirements were somewhat decent sound, and a speaker jack on the front.

I unboxed them at work, set them up, and plugged them in. It all went bad when I plugged in the headphones. There was a lot of background static that was loud when the volume was turned down. I was pretty unhappy since the speakers were unusable.

The following weekend I was in London Drugs and saw the same speakers for $10 cheaper. I tested out a set there since I had brought along some headphones, and those had the same problem. I guess it was indicative of the design. Instead I bought a Creative Labs set. These sound awesome with or without headphones, so I am once again a happy camper.

Something I did like about Logitech ones though was that it didn’t have a power brick to plug in. Something else that was well done was the packaging. They wrapped plastic around the plug ends, and taped it closed, but the tape was dog eared so it was very easy to get off. The Creative Labs packaging wasn’t nearly as easy to unravel.