Ambitious Difference

Yesterday was yard work day. Sox’s dad was down for a visit, so we enlisted him to help us rework the back yard. The goals were pretty ambitious. There was a lot of clean up to do, new flower beds to create, a new fence to install, and the apple tree needed a good pruning.

With a lot of hard work out in the rain, we managed to get almost everything done. The remaining things to do Sox and I can handle on our own. I am pretty amazed with how it has all turned out. The back yard is now divided with a dog side, and a people side. This is going to allow us to let Sprout roam around without fear of doggie ‘landmines’. The new/clean flower bed look great, and if we stay on top of the weeds, will look great for a long time. The trimming made such a huge difference to the look and feel of the yard. Throughout the day I made 4 trips to the municipal yard, and each time my truck was full to capacity.

My only disappointment was that we didn’t get to the ivy patch. By myself, this will take another day’s work, and probably another 3 truck loads of crap to the yard.

Read on for the before and after pics.


The back bed.

The back corner.

The back side yard.

The back walkway.


The back bed.

Cleaned up flower bed.

The new fence.

The back walkway.