Racing Moments

Last night was Big Rig Racing out at Western Speedway. What a hoot. The racing was great, no big accidents, but lots of tense moments. The burnout competition was pretty good too! I got a few pictures of that, and a movie of it too!

The hornet race cars were out in force, and they were hilarious. Nearly stock 4 cylinder cars with working horns and radios. It seemed like an entry level racing series but it looked like it would be very fun to try out.

The mini stocks were a higher level of racing than the hornets, and their cars, and driving skills reflected that.

I’m glad I was able to go. This one show reminded me of how much I enjoy watching racing. I think I will try to get out again some time this season. It is such good entertainment for the money, and I always come away glad I went.

Pics are here.