Spear Grass Proposition

I was greeted as I walked in the front door today, not by Yoshi, but by a note from our dog walker saying she had taken him to the vet. He had gotten some spear grass into his ear.

Spear grass is dangerous since the barbed seeds can burrow into the skin, and become infected, or even end up in the bloodstream. If they migrate to the lungs, or other organs, this can kill a pet. Besides the danger, it is also a very expensive proposition to get the grass barbs removed.

After a quick panic I saw there was a voice message, and it was the vet clinic calling to say Yoshi was fine, and that the 2 barbs had been removed without any problems. He didn’t even need to be sedated.

Sox retrieved him, and learned that our dog walker had him at Macaulay Point Park, and after running through some grass started shaking his head a lot. She checked him over, saw the grass in his ear canal, and took him to the vet. Our dog walker is awesome! It is attention like this that makes us grateful to have her. Every day in the summer she checks him for spear grass and tics.

No worse for the wear, Yoshi was happy to eat dinner when he got home. We got off lucky too.