Recipe Wasted

What a disaster in the Fox household tonight.

We got home from work later than normal, and I started dinner prep later than normal. Dinner was served at 6:45 which is late for us. As I was serving it, I wondered what went through my mind when choosing this recipe.

It didn’t work out for Sox either. Her first bite almost made her puke. I had a bite, then got to the tomatoes (yeuck, I really dislike cooked tomatoes). Sprout ate other foods and wasn’t affected by this dish. He had rice, corn, cucumber, avocado, and milk. Sox and I each ate our rice and salad, but couldn’t stomach the fish.

I was really frustrated with this. I really don’t know what I was thinking and I wasted a lot of time, and I wasted a lot of food. Sox ended up running out to grab some other food while I got Sprout ready for bed.

I’m still not 100% satisfied with my meal, but it will have to do.