Numbers Disappoint

Last night I had a ticket to go see the Victoria stop of the “Power in Numbers” tour. The bill was Sum 41 and Finger 11. I think I was more excited to see Finger 11, over Sum 41.

When we arrived we headed to the floor only to discover the noise we heard was not either of them. Instead it was Die Mannequin. Not a good sound, so we immediately went for a beer. A ridiculously priced, piss poor Budweiser. $7.50 for a plastic cup of Bud? Yeesh.

When Finger 11 took the stage I was pumped. They didn’t disappoint. Their set was powerful, and filled with lots of songs I knew. Their energy was through the roof and they put on the best show I’ve seen in a very long time. The two guitarists were amazing, but they were also funny to watch. Their antics were hilarious. At one point, one of them was spinning around, and caught the amp cord and yanked it out. It took him a couple seconds to figure that one out. I love watching bands that have fun on stage.

Sum 41, were ok. I liked their music, but it seemed like the sound setup was off for them. Too much bass was drowning out the lyrics. The lead singer Deryck kept trying to get the crowd to sing and be interactive. This is something that Victoria crowds _cannot_ do. In any event, it got on my nerves, and I just wanted them to sing and get us pumped up that way. I just never got into their performance.

I was glad I went, if only for Finger 11. Their performance was awesome, and the next time they come I will definitely be going. I just wish they were the headliners, and not the opening act.