Halloween Entertainment

Halloween last night was a pretty timid affair. There were no group fireworks like years past thanks to new fireworks purchasing bans across the region. Also, thank to George W it was still light out at 6pm when some kids were just getting started. It felt a little weird, and the pumpkins looked funny in the light, but I imagine it was safer for little ones. The bulk of the kids came between 7 and 8 when it was dark.

The upside to the ban was a distinct drop in firecracker noises. In fact I didn’t hear any until Halloween night, and then I heard less than half a dozen I would say. Great news for Yoshi.

Without the neighbourhood gathering to attend, Sox, Sprout and I headed to the Rec Centre for the bonfire, hot chocolate and hot dogs (Sox only). It was pretty neat as always. Sprout was pretty quiet but he stared at the flames quite a bit. We had promised him a firetruck, and boy were we all disappointed. Thankfully there were a couple police cars for Sprouts entertainment.