Snorkeling and a Lahaina Trip

Day 5 – Wednesday November 7

Sox and I wanted to go snorkeling one morning while we were there so my mom offered to watch Sprout while we went. We hit Snorkel Bobs for directions on where to go. We had gear from the condo, but it wasn’t very good gear. The lady at the shop was very helpful, and we headed to the beach near the Maui Prince Hotel. I had heard from someone else that this was a good beach to swim at so we were settled.

Once there the surf seemed reasonable, so in we went. We were hoping to see some coral, some fish, and hopefully some turtles. After visiting the aquarium and after our snorkel trip in Mexico we had high hopes. We were a little disappointed in what we saw, but it was still really fun to float around in the water. We saw a few fish, and some coral formations, but the colors really weren’t that vibrant. In retrospect the tanks at the aquarium have special lighting to really bring out the colors. Like I said though, it was still fun to be out in the water floating along.

After meeting up with the rest of our troup, and getting cleaned up and changed, we then headed to Lahaina to do some shopping. The plan was for Sprout to nap in the van while we drove. That never happened. He never napped the whole day. That wasn’t good. Sox and I finished our shopping (including a stop at Hilo Hattie’s). Sox and I then drove to Napili beach to try and entice Sprout to nap, but he never did. We ended up just heading to the condo, still without napping.

That night Sox and I sat on the beach in the dark, and listened to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. Wow. Warm breeze, and surf crashing just a few feet from us. Such a magical experience, and I am so glad Sox and I got to share that.