Sunrise and the Aquarium

Day 4 – Tuesday November 6

Tuesday morning I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep. I got up while everyone else was still in bed, and was struck with an amazing sight. One of the most spectacular sunrises greeted me. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures. The colors were so rich and amazing I was dumbfounded.

The plan for this day was to do something that Sprout would enjoy. What were we going to do? The local aquarium (local being two blocks from our condo). Enjoy it he did. He ran from tank to tank exclaiming fish, more fish. The display were pretty amazing. The shark tank was a huge glass wall with some pretty deep water for them to swim in. The next room was a tunnel where the rays and other large fish could swim right over your head. Amazing.

Outside there was a turtle tank, and a hammerhead tank. The tanks where you could reach in and touch the animals were pretty cool, but Sprout would have nothing to do with them. The only disappointing part was the mammal display. I wasn’t expecting any live animals since that would have been pretty sad to see them in captivity, but the display was pretty minimal. Sprout enjoyed this section though, all due to the interactive displays.

Too soon we were done and it back to the condo for Sprouts nap.

Myself, my mom, and my sister then headed to the mall again for lunch, and some more shopping. While there we saw a very, very weird guy. He was dressed in the brightest red clothing I have ever seen and walked up to random people and tried to start a conversation. Weird. I poked around in the mall, bought some shirts, and marveled at the Christmas display.

Back at the condo Sox and I got changed and headed out to the beach for some sun and some swimming. We hit Kamaole Beach which was awesome. The surf was pretty big from the storm, and I tried my hand at body surfing. Wow, was that ever fun. I caught at least half a dozen good waves that took me right in to the beach. I got slammed hard a couple times too, and that really wasn’t fun. The surf pounded salt water into my sinuses. Yeuck.

While I was getting cleaned up at the condo I had a shower. While drying I reached down to grab my towel and when I stood up saltwater streamed from my nose. Again with the yeuck. That was a weird feeling.

For dinner we drove to Lahaina. We at dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant. This restaurant chain was inspired by the Forrest Gump movie and many of their dishes were created based off the movie. I had the Shrimpers heaven which was coconut shrimp, peel n eat shrimp, tempura shrimp, and one other kind. There were some amazing dipping sauces, and it came with fries. If you like shrimp, then this was the meal for you.

Sprout did really good at the restaurant but it was time to get back for him to go to bed.