Tropical Plantation Tour

Day 3 – Monday November 5

The morning arrived, and I didn’t really feel any jet lag effects, but I was a little more tired than normal. After eating a yummy breakfast, we headed out the Maui Tropical Pantation for their tour. Our plan was to get there soon after they opened to try and beat the crowds.

Their tour consists of an interpreted tram ride around their grounds, and includes a stop with a coconut husking demonstration. The grounds were beautiful, and there were lots of gorgeous tropical plants. I could have spent lots of time there with my camera equipment. Entrance to the grounds was free, but the tour cost money.

Our tour guide we had was hilarious. She kept using the word trippy, and reference a couple icky looking bugs she saw. She seemed local so it was odd she was so grossed out by the local bugs. I suppose I am grossed out by some of the bugs at home though.

We had lunch at the plantation restaurant, then headed back to the condo for nap time. While Sprout was napping, Sox and I took a dip in the pool which was deliciously cool, and very refreshing. I don’t think Sox enjoyed it as much as I did, but I liked getting a little chilled to cool me down. The pool water was cooler than the ocean water. Definitely not something I am used to from home.