Maui Welcome

Day 2 – Sunday November 4

Sunday was going to be a chillaxin kind of day. Catch up on sleep, relax, let ourselves (and Sprout) adjust to the warm humid weather. Of course it was raining so this allowed us to stay inside, and not feel guilty about it. The wind, and rain are both warm though and that is such a change from home. That is one of the most amazing feelings that I love: a nice warm wind.

We all climbed into the van and took a little drive. We ended up at the Queen Ka’ahumanu Mall which was really interesting. Besides being a normal mall filled with the types of stores I would expect at home, this was an open air mall. It was still warm and rainy outside, but inside it was just warm. The birds flit about inside, and chirp loudly. Sprout loved that.

Sox, Sprout and I took a load off at the Starbucks while my mom and sister did some shopping. After our little snack we toured a bit of the mall, and found a cool toy store that Sprout loved. They have a huge Thomas play table for all the kids to use and Sprout was fascinated with it. After a little tiff with another boy (Sprout did not start it), we hit the mall and found a shoe store with some excellent prices.

After collecting Gramma and Auntie our next stop was Foodland for some grocery shopping. This little chain store had the most amazing seafood display I have seen including a large (by my standards) section of whole fresh fish. Beauty. We stocked up for the week and headed back to the condo for the munchkins nap.

Once refreshed we wanted to see a beach so we drove back to Kihei and found a nice sandy beach and watched the sun go down. It turned out to be a gorgeous sunset, and I was kicking myself for not bringing my big camera. Thankfully I had my little camera. I even tried my hand at some panorama shots.

With the sun down, and the light fading fast, we piled back in the van and headed back to the condo for a pasta dinner. Mmm. Sprout ate topless and ended up with spagettini all over him. We are still finding bits of it on the floor.