Heading to Maui

Day 1 – Saturday November 3

What a long, long day. We got on the 11 am ferry after some frustrations with the ferry reservation system, and that part of the trip was fine. Sprout enjoyed the ability to stretch his legs. Then it was off to the airport and onto the plane. Sprout did awesome on the plane despite the fact that he did not nap until the last hour and a half of the flight. By this time it was around 8:30 Victoria time. When we landed he woke up and sure was spacey.

The coolest thing about the flight was seeing a lightning storm beside us. It seemed quite far away (not far enough for Sox), and it was spectacular. The cloud would light up from within, flicker then go dark again. This repeated lots in the short time we could see it.

After gathering our luggage, we grabbed our rental car from National. Neither Sue nor I were in any sort of my to deal with the way too chipper sales dude who tried to upsell us on everything. Then there was some confusion on where the tether for our carseat went and none of the staff was helpful at all. The Chevy Uplander we rented didn’t have a tether point, and it was the biggest vehicle they had on the lot (necessary for four adults, one toddler, and all the associated luggage).

After getting that squared away we headed to the condo which turned out to be awesome. Three bedrooms, two of them loft style, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and enough supplies and activities to keep us all busy. Also, this condo is beach front. Wow, such an amazing view form our lanai (deck), but when we arrived it was pitch black so we couldn’t see the water at all, but we could certainly hear lots of waves.

Sox got Sprout settled and into bed (now 11:00 pm Victoria time), and my mom and I headed out to get some supplies for breakfast the next morning. The first direction I took was towards Lahaina, but I quickly realized we wouldn’t find much along the way. After getting myself turned around we headed towards Kihei, and found a convenience store chain called ABC Stores. Shopping was interesting. They had a lot of the same things that we would in our stores, but things are always just a little different than at home. Their potato chip selection was more limited than I was used to for one.Just little things that you take for granted at home.

That ended a very long and tiring day 1.