Yoshi Racers

This was my weekend for walking Yoshi. It wasn’t planned in any real sort, but I was the one who was doing the errands, and had the time for Yoshi.

Poor dog. He is definitely getting shafted when it comes to exercise.

Yesterday he and I ended up at Thetis. Bad day to go to Thetis. There was a running race on, so we had to park in the main lot with all the runners. It was mayhem. Thankfully the race didn’t start for a while, so that allowed Yoshi and I to get our walk in without having to dodge racers.

Today we headed to Colquitz Park. There were lots of other doggies there, and we had a great time. Yoshi ran around quite a bit, but a couple times I had to call him to get him to follow. Our dog walker has been having some problems with Yoshi doing this too. More on that at a later date.

Both walks were pretty good from my perspective, and I think Yoshi enjoyed them. He always romps around in the bush chasing things, and having fun. I love to see his tongue hanging out and the ears flapping around. I can tell he is having fun then.

Thetis pictures and Colquitz pictures are available.