Special Lame

In the pile of crap mail I got yesterday there was something from Petro Canada. This one was an ad for me to call them and sign up for a special credit card that allows me to collect Petro Points faster. Alongside this was a special card that when used at the pump gives and additional 5¢ off per litre.

I’ve learned to read the fine print on everything. These special credit cards inevitably have a crappy interest rate and are never worth the time it takes to fill out the form. Additional savings on gas might be a good thing.

Until you read the fine print. The 5¢ off per litre was for the first 100 litres. Do the math, and that means saving $5.00. Woohoo. $5 is not worth my time on the phone filling out a credit application. Also, 100 litres doesn’t go far in my truck which has a 70 litre tank.

$5. Lame.