SPCA Situation

The SPCA is a cause I believe in, and support in many ways. Sox and I take part in the walkathon each year, we donate to them, and Sox used to volunteer with them and walk dogs once a week.

Last week I got a glimpse of why I support this organization.

I was driving home from a friends place, and it was dark. Along Boleskine I passed a dark shaggy figure that was on the side of the road. After passing it I realized it was a dog and it wasn’t moving. As I drove, I debated on what I should do.

I decided that I couldn’t live with myself if I drove home. After turning around I headed back to the scene, but as I pulled up I could see the dog was now sitting up. I also saw another car stopping, and the SPCA ambulance was also stopping.

At this point there were a few other people on the scene, and there really wasn’t anything I could offer, so I ended up going home.

I was left feeling pretty crappy about this. I always imagined what I would do in a situation like this, and in my thoughts I wouldn’t hesitate. And yet, there I was presented with such a situation, and I did hesitate. I feel bad for the dog, but he will get patched up. I still feel like crap over my hesitation though.

Now I just hope that if something similar happens again, I won’t even hesitate.