Christmas Scam

I imagine the iPhone is going to be a big deal this Christmas. So far, I haven’t heard of any carriers in Canada, and I read a few tech blogs.

In the last couple days I have seen some ads for getting an iPhone in Canada. I went to the website,and did a little reading. Hah, someone has set up a company that is importing iPhones, that must have been hacked. No fully carrier supported phone provider would have a quote

“We’ll ship you and iPhone that’s ready to go and is LEGAL to be used in Canada. Lean more”

(no that is not a typo).

The site looks pretty lame by Apple standards with a few typos and inconsistencies. There are no big logos for any of the carriers, and they mention these phones will work on any GSM network. It smacks of a scam to me. It may be on the up and up, but this really seems odd.