Tequila Fish

The fish tank was looking a little empty since vacation. Before I went away, I got some new Neon Tetras and within a few days my Swordtails died, and so did all but one of the Tetras. I was very unhappy about this, and when I talked to someone at Petsmart about that, she casually said that maybe the Tetras were carrying something that killed the Swordtails. Grr.

Fastforward a few weeks and it was time to restock. A bit more investigation, and I was told that Platys are pretty hardy, and so are Guppies. I got two Platys, and 2 Tequila Sunrise Guppies.

The Platys require a lightly salted tank, which is something I haven’t done before. I think I mixed it correctly, but I am not totally sure. So far the fish seem fine.

One Guppy has died already. It started looking a little shady in a little under 24 hours after arriving home. I like the fish tank, but it sure isn’t as stable as I would like.