Carcassonne Experiment

One of my Christmas gifts from Sox was a game called Carcassonne. We’ve read the rules and played a few games, and so far we love the game. It is a great two player game which is what Sox was looking for (I think she was getting tired of backgammon).

Each player takes a turn grabbing and placing a tile. It must match up with the surrounding tiles. Once the tile is down the player can choose to play a follower, then the player scores any completed features (roads, cities, or cloisters). A follower can be played as a farmer too which affect the end of the game scoring.

So far we have had some very fun games as we learn and experiment. We’ve each had a turn getting totally obliterated by the other, and last nights game ended in a tie.

It is a thinking game, which isn’t very good when either of us is tired, but it is really fun. We have each pointed out moves that the other has missed which is helping us learn. If you are looking for a new board game for home, I highly recommend Carcassonne.