Commission Traditions

Christmas was lots of fun this year. Sprout was learning (actually learned) what presents are, and how to open them. We did Christmas morning at our place, headed to Nanaimo for a couple days, then over to Langley for 5 more days.

Lots of family visiting was planned, and I wasn’t able to partake in too much of it. I came down with a pretty nasty bug while in Vancouver, and thankfully this happened after Christmas day. I was 100% out of commission for 36 hours, and have spent the next 3 days recovering. I am still feeling pretty weak and tired and missed work today due to it. Not sure about tomorrow.

Enough of that though, back to the nicer things in life. I did enjoy the break, I enjoyed spending time with my family, and seeing Sprout start to learn about things like Santa and Christmas traditions. As a family we are trying to develop some of our own, so on Christmas Eve day Sprout and I went out to buy a cookie for Santa. Fun! That night we left it out for him, and on Christmas day only a couple bites were left behind (and lots of crumbs). Sprout agreed with me that Santa must have got full 🙂

Christmas morning we opened our stockings and had some breakfast then opened the gifts form Santa before heading to Nanaimo. Starting traditions like this are something that Sox and I are looking forward to.

One final note: Sox is the best wife ever. She totally took care of me while I was sick. She also got me a Christmas gift that I have been wanting for a very long time, a digital picture frame. Woohoo. I took some time to read the manual and load a few pictures on it. Now to find the perfect location for it.