Buoyancy Systems

It occurred to me that I hadn’t posted about my snail. Well, it was a good run for that snail, but he died not too long ago. It was quite odd since one day it was zipping around the tank eating algae, and the next it was floating.

Ever seen a floating snail? It is a sight to behold. I glanced at the tank, and I saw something weird, and when I got close I realized it was my snail. A gas bubble had formed in its body causing buoyancy. It then got caught in an eddy and followed a circular track through part of the tank.

The up side is that just the other day I discovered a new snail in the tank. A tiny, tiny little black snail was cruising up the glass. I have no idea where it came from, but Sox’s theory is that it arrived with some of the plants I bought recently. That is certainly plausible.

I also got a PetSmart gift card as a prize for a work contest. I think I will use it to get a new fish, and another snail. I am also going to look into a better filtration system, though I think that aquariums the size of mine don’t have real filtration systems, just something to keep big chunks out of the water.