Coughing Training

What can be done for an ageing dog that is getting more and more neurotic? It is getting very frustrating for Sox and I.

Last night we slept in our guest bedroom because Beet is such a loud sleeper. I was getting a good nights sleep until Sprout started coughing. This noise somehow scares Yoshi, so he tries to barge upstairs. This is only one of a half dozen noises that scare Yoshi now, and it is getting worse. For a half hour last night Yoshi was either trying to get upstairs, or trying to get downstairs to get away from the coughing sound. Some nights it is the low battery noise of the cellphone. Sometimes it is something I can’t even hear.

I feel bad for him, and I know he is getting old, but I keep wondering if there is some training that can be done to desensitize Yoshi of these noises.