Roadside Parade

Still keeping very busy during my time off.

This past Wednesday (May 14) we headed out to Fort Rodd Hill with a friend of ours, and her son. The boys had a great run around out there, and we enjoyed checking out the sights. The great thing about that place is that a seasons pass is $5. Now I can head back there any time I want to take some pictures. Wednesday I also played my first Ulti game of the season.

Thursday some of Sox’s family arrived for a visit. Friday we all headed out to Island View beach for some sin and sand. On the way back I stopped at a roadside stand to get some eggs and a couple red peppers. I also got a couple pieces of Rhubarb for a snack. Imagine my surprise then the total was less than $4.50. The eggs we normally buy are $4!

Saturday morning we went out for breakfast at Pluto’s (mmm, my favorite place for breakfast) then headed off to a Beacon Hill park playground. We also went for a small tour of the park for Sox’s dad and stepmom. We then said goodbye to our visitors.

Today we headed downtown to watch the parade. I was actually feeling under the weather, but the boys had a great time, and so did the adults. There was a bit of a downer for us when we were leaving, but I will detail that later.