Dump Loved

I went mountain biking yesterday! Woohoo! First time in a while. It was a gorgeous sunny day that wasn’t too hot. D and I met at the dump, and did a small tour over some familiar trails, and took numerous breaks. It was heavenly. I do still miss mountain biking, and I look forward to the point in time when my family is old enough that I can get out riding on a regular basis.

Our route took us up to the Swtichbacks, then up to Snakes and Ladders. Down that trail, we then ended up on Skull, then back to the cars. We were out for over 2 hours, and I loved every minute of it.

Two legs turning two wheels is pretty simple. A lot can happen when you turn off your brain and concentrate on one thing only. I sometimes enter a zen state and have a completely empty mind. Yesterday wasn’t that kind of day and I don’t mind one bit.