Soleil Afternoon

A while ago I saw that Cirque du Soleil was coming to town. I knew Sox had been wanting to see a performance of theirs for quite a while, so I got us some tickets for her as a birthday present. This happened a few months ago.

We set up some child minding with Gramma, and we tried (unsuccessfully) to train Beet to take a bottle.

Today was the performance, and I was a little nervous about how Beet would be with Gramma. I knew Sprout would be fine since he would be napping. Without the bottle, Gramma might be in for some trouble.

The show itself was fabulous. I thoroughly loved the show. The performers were amazing, and managed to make a lot of what they do look easy. I know for a fact that juggling 7 balls is not easy. I know that the acrobatics are not easy. I know riding a bike on one wheel while facing backwards is not easy. Yet, the performers all made those actions look normal.

The music accompanying that performance was excellent, and the singer was amazing. All in all it was an extremely enjoyable show. I just thought of this now, but I almost wish I could buy a DVD of the performance so I could see it again.

Arriving home I opened the car door and didn’t hear screaming. As we climbed the stairs I saw that Gramma was reading her book. I knew then that it wasn’t a difficult afternoon like had been envisioning. Yay for sleeping babies, and yay for adult fun.