Effective Ground

Ulti last night was awesome. We lost the game 11-9 but as a team we played great.

I was very happy with how I played too. I was able to pace myself so I didn’t run out of gas, but I was still very effective in the game, making cuts, handling the disk, and being strong on defense.

One specific play I was happy with we were pulling. Actually I was pulling, and we were planning to throw on the zone defense. I actually volunteered to be the top of the cup, so with me pulling I had to book it down the field.

I gave the disc a whirl and it floated down the field. It was an awesome pull and gave the whole team to get down field and set up the zone. As I got set for a lot of running I saw the handler getting ready to toss the disc to my right. I went to block it with my hand but it was pretty low to the ground. Then I felt an amazing sensation of disk hitting the pad of my hand and I saw it fall to the ground.

Turn over on the line. Gotta love that.