Zipping Close

Wednesday I headed in to work late. Ulti was a late game so I rode to work, and stayed late. The ride in was a little circuitous as I tried to find a new and longer route to work. It was pretty fun poking around in different neighborhoods.

Leaving work and heading to Ulti was interesting. As I was zipping along Granite a car that was stopped at a stop sign turned left onto Granite cutting me off. Luckily I was watching for such things and I grabbed a handful of brake. Later I saw this same car do some other lame brain maneuvers. Also on the way to Ulti I was rounding a long sweeping corner at a pretty good clip. As a car was overtaking me, they squeezed me toward the curb. Dude, if I can reach out and touch your car, you are too fucking close!

The plan was to go for an extended route after Ulti too, but I was pretty wiped after the game, and it was getting late. Instead I headed straight home.