Meandering Week

I was up late last night due to Ulti, so I dragged my butt out the door late this morning. By the time I got going, the rain had picked up and I was not looking forward to my ride. Again I took a meandering route to work trying to avoid some traffic and to have a little fun.. By the time I got to work my lower half was soaked. My jacket did a great job of keeping my dry, but I don’t have proper rain pants.

I had a dentist appointment, then my ride home from that was longer. I took a route down by the water which was really enjoyable. With this ride done, I have beat the 80km mark for the week, and have earned my beer 🙂 I still have 1 more day to go, and I think I am going to see if I can surpass 100km commuted by bike for this week.