Jumped Breathers

I got out for a great mountain bike ride this morning. A friend of mine is making a return to mountain biking, and yesterday he suggested a ride at the dump. I had the time and jumped on it. I switched over the slicks to my knobbies and the bike was ready.

The forecast for today was a high of 24 and sunny, so I knew I wanted to be done before lunchtime. Add in that Sox had an appointment at 1 and I needed to look after Sprout, that meant riding early in the day. This suited me just fine since I wanted to beat the heat.

We started riding around 9:30, and the tour of the dump was just under 2 hours. I tried to find a route that took us on some good climbs but avoided some deadly descents. The route wasn’t perfect, but my buddy wasn’t afraid to walk 🙂 I really wished I had brought a camera with me though. It was so gorgeous out and there were lots of flowers and trail riding shots I could have snagged.

I felt great throughout the ride. The temps were perfect, traction was excellent, and technically I was riding very well. I love these kinds of rides. My cardio felt good too, even though we stopped a few times for quick breathers. I’m looking forward to getting out again.

I do need to get a new front tire for my Chameleon though. The 2.65 Kujo is getting low on tread and really isn’t needed on that bike. It is big, wide and heavy and I would like something new. Also the casing is coming apart in chunks. 🙁 I can fully justify spending money on a new tire 🙂

The fam is going camping soon, and I think I will be able to sneak in a ride up in Parksville, near to where we are staying. Yay.