Ultimate Prep

Had an early ultimate game tonight. We were short a few players which meant more field time for everyone which was great. It was windy (as usual in Victoria) which made for a lot of turnovers and a lot of long points. Surprisingly very few zone defense points since the other team was short players.

I felt I played pretty good despite many, many bad throws. My cuts were good and I was often getting clear of my check and catching the throw. My defense tonight was pretty good too, even though half the points I played I was checked/checking a woman.

I had one defense move that I have to relate. I could see who the handler was going to throw the disc to but I was pretty far away. I saw the handler wind up and heave the disc so I started running. Right on the sideline I jumped as high as I could, but I mistimed my jump. I jumped too early, yet it felt like my hangtime was extra long for some reason, and I actually managed to knock down the disc. Awesome.

My pre-game prep is working well for me too. I try to eat well throughout the day and drink lots of water. I then try to eat something resembling dinner sometime around 2 hours before gametime. During the game I drink very little water. I stick to small sips just to wet my mouth. Riding to the game helps me warm up too which I know is good for me.

I’m really enjoying this season and when it is done I might see about playing pick up on Sundays. I definitely notice an increase in my cardio.