Lagoon Feeding

Sunday was a fun family day. We headed out to Witty’s Lagoon with some friends for a special CRD exploration day. The drive out was fine, but the walk down to the beach was long and a bit arduous with the chariot stroller Sprout was in.

Once on the beach he had fun. CRD had a tent set up, and they had seined a couple tide pools to show us the different fish and wildlife that live in those waters. Very cool to see the Shrimp, Peneye Gunnels, Fluffy Sculpins, Pointy Sculpins, pipe fish, and crabs. My favorite though was the barnacle covered rock. I’d never seen barnacles feeding before so that was pretty interesting.

At our blanket we also built some sand castles, dug holes, ate lunch, then got ready to leave. Sprout really didn’t want to get into the stroller and ended up walking back to the car, which was a distance of over a kilometre. Over that same distance Sox also ran into three different sets of people that she knew. Weird.

Family days are fun.