Platy Growth

Approximately two weeks ago, my big Platy died. I think it was most likely old age. I had it for quite a while. The rest of the tank is doing well though. The baby Platy is growing like crazy. He no longer hangs out in the weeds, but swims with the rest of the fish. It even feeds on the flake food when I drop it in. The Danio’s and the Guppy still do their thing, and the Cory’s still feed on the shrimp pellets.

The snail is still my favorite part of the tank. I love watching it motor around the tank and am constantly being surprised at the distances it travels between commercial breaks.

The increased sunlight of summertime brings increased algae growth so I have been cleaning the tank a little more often and a little more thoroughly.

Sprout has started helping me feed the fish too. He likes to give the Cory’s their pellet and can just reach above the rim of the thank to drop it in the water. In the next few months I will see if he wants to drop in the flake food too. I may not have to feed them all the time if my helper works out 🙂