Incredible Bender

I love fall rides. I got out for a great spin at the dump with some friends and I was reminded just how much I love riding in the fall. The air temperature was perfect, traction on the trails was incredible, there was no mud at all,the rocks were dry, and the sun was out.

We started off on Skull trail which has been something I have avoided lately as it get my heart rate too high too quickly. Today I powered up the trail, and only had one tiny dab that I could have avoided if I had slowed down.

After Skull we went up inventive, then up to C-Section, down to the fire road, then back up to Old Payoff, North Ridge, Mind Bender, then took the fire road back to Who’s Yer Daddy. Throughout all the climbing I felt awesome. My cardio was good, and my legs were strong.

I was beginning to wonder why since I haven’t been riding that much lately. On a whim the other day I jumped on the scale and was shocked to see that I was under 180 pounds. At some point since Sox and I have been together I was around 205. Perhaps the weight loss is allowing me to ride better. Maybe not. Doesn’t matter too much, but I really want more rides like today’s.

After the ride we stopped off at Bagel Queen for some tasty treats and a yummy Americano.

The only bummer on the ride was that while unloading my bike I spotted what I think might be some cracks in the frame. The marks on are the seat tube near the quick release. My seat is up pretty high, so I pulled the seat post out to double check I had the minimum insertion, which I definitely did. I felt the inside of the tube, and I couldn’t feel any crack on the inside. I will take it into a shop soon to get their opinion. That would be bad if I have to scrap the frame.