Reduce Telemarketers

The Canadian version of the National Do No Call List (DNCL) is now available for signing up. I just tried, but the site was down (maybe due to volume). It is sad that we need a list like this to try and stop telemarketers, but let’s look at the DNCL more closely.

From the site:

2. Who can still call you?

* Registering on the National DNCL will reduce but not eliminate all telemarketing calls and faxes.
* There are certain kinds of telemarketing calls and faxes that are exempt from the National DNCL, including those made by or on behalf of:

* registered charities seeking donations
* newspapers looking for subscriptions
* political parties and their candidates, and
* companies with whom you have an existing commercial relationship; for example, if you have done business with a company in the previous 18 months––such as a carpet-cleaning company––that company can call you.

* Telemarketers making exempt calls must maintain their own do not call lists. If you do not want to be called by these telemarketers, you can ask to be put on their do not call lists. They are obliged to do so within 31 days.
* For more information, see Part II of the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules and the Telecommunications Act.

Good god, that is pretty much all the unsolicited calls I get. Charities seeking donation, newspapers wanting me to buy their waste of paper, and political parties. What is the point in signing up then? I’m still going to sign up all the numbers I have, just on the off chance that it might block one, but something else to remember is that you must remember to renew your entry in the DNCL every three years. I think that sucks, but phone numbers turn over still, and marketers need to be able to reach out. Still, couldn’t the phone companies let the DNCL know when a number has been released?

On the charity note. A tact I have taken recently for charities seeking donations is this: I tell them I don’t donate nor buy things over the phone. So far that has always made them stop talking and go away. Another ploy I use at work is that I always tell them they have reached my work number. I usually get an apology 🙂 Nice!