Turning Position

Just got home from this weeks ulti game. A few weeks ago I was on the verge of quitting. I wasn’t having much fun at the games and didn’t feel like a part of the team, but rather just felt like I was a warm body on the team.

The game two weeks ago was a bit of a turning point. I had a lot of fun, and ran lots. I spent less time handling, and more time out on the rest of the field. Since that game I have been trying to do that more, and I think it is helping me enjoy playing with this team.

This team also likes to play in a style that I don’t always enjoy. They like to employ the horizontal stack, which I can theoretically understand, but in practice I think it is harder to implement well. I like the vertical stack since I feel it opens up the field more.

They also like the long bomb, and quite often can make it work. I don’t like it since with most other teams I have played with, it frequently doesn’t work. It also doesn’t get the team playing as a whole.

In any event tonight I was playing a mid position as we were zoned most of the time. I felt like the timing of my cuts during the swing pass were getting better, but my position was still a little off. Once I get that down I will feel pretty confident in that position.

On defense I can’t say I played great and I can’t say I played poorly. Most of my checks never got the disc sent their way. On defense zone I played a long position which is generally pretty lax with lots of communication to the mids. I prefer to play a mid position though.

Next week is another game.