Glorious Play

We had a glorious day today and I really mean that. It started off with Beet sleeping in until 7. That may not seem like sleeping in to a lot of people, but not being woken before 7 is great to me.

I got up with Beet and we had a pretty lazy morning. She had breakfast and I had coffee, then we played for a bit. I actually got to read my book while she played. It was great. Sprout slept in until 9. Well, sort of. I went up to his room at 9 and he was wide awake and very chipper but he was ok with being in his crib.

The whole lounged for a bit, watched some tv, I drank more coffee, Sox cleaned the kitched, then Sox made waffles and sausages for breakfast. Mmmmm.

After breakfast Sprout watched more tv, I read some more, Beet had a nap. What a relaxing morning. Once Beet was up from her nap we all loaded into the car and headed to Beaver lake to take Yoshi for a walk and to play at the playground.

I took Beet and Yoshi for the walk, Sox and Sprout stayed at the playground. After we were done there we got back in the car and headed to Starbucks for a snack and some drink to warm up with. On the way home from that Beet fell asleep again, so after letting Sprout and Sox out of the car I sat there are read my book some more.

Dinner came and went, baths were done, the kids were put into bed, then Sox and I got some packing done.

The whole day was relaxing, enjoyable, and in the end it actually felt like I accomplished some good.