Handler Season

My last Ulti game of the season was a doozy. It was cold and very windy and I can’t quite tell if I enjoyed the game or not.

I didn’t get much of a warm up, so I ran on the field cold. It was an up-wind point, and it ended up being a very long point. This took th elife right out of me. I need a good warm up if I am to feel good and play well in a game.

AS it was I tried to run for the first few points and see if I could get comfortable enough to handle in the wind. Well, that plan didn’t work out and I got pulled into handling right away. That didn’t work out so well for me. It was a difficult throwing game. Very few passes made it to their intended destination.

The only throw I was proud of during the whole game was when I was a handler. We were being zoned and I had the disc. The cup was pretty effective in shutting me down and the count was getting pretty high. I could see one teammate who was standing there clearly open. He wasn’t moving, and wasn’t cutting. He was directly behind the man counting. I had no choice but to toss a hammer. It turned out to be a perfect hammer and was right on the button. Awesome.

The end of my season is here, and I can’t say I am going to miss it. I don’t feel like I clicked with the team. I never actually felt like part of the team.

Now I will need some other form of regular exercise. I am wondering if I can get back into a weekly Thursday morning swim.