Busted Nights

I’ve been lucky enough to play poker tonight and last Friday. I haven’t played in a long time previous to last week, and it reminded me of how much I do like the game.

Last week I busted out which I was fine with. I wasn’t playing all that well, and I was getting very good cards when I really needed them. I still won a few hands, and I still had a great time.

Tonight was different though. I played much smarter and tighter. I kept myself under control and didn’t chase hard hands. I folded at smart times. At the end of the night I was up quite a bit.

Counting both weeks together I was up $12 (lost $10 last week, won $22 tonight).

I think the only thing stopping me from playing every week with the work people is that I have Ulti on Thursdays, and they play on Fridays. This means I would be out of the house for dinner and maybe bed time, two nights in a row. I just can’t do that to Sox.

Ulti is ending pretty soon, so maybe that means more poker in my life?