Dessert Ineptitude

It was enough to make me want to never go back to Spinnakers. I wanted some dessert tonight so I called them up to see what they had on the menu. The lady I talked to listed everything then when I asked if I could place an order she said they don’t really do that any more.

I was incredulous. They wouldn’t let me do a takeout dessert order. What? We’ve done it before from their restaurant, but all she could offer was that they are now discouraging that. I have a hard time believing that they would rather have people come in and sit at a table on a busy Friday night and eat dessert. Wouldn’t it be better for a restaurant to do a quick takeout order and keep the table open.

Maybe it was the way she handled it that ticked me off.

I ended up going to Save On Food to get something. Their customer service is pretty awful too. I saw what I wanted in the bakery section and it was behind a counter so I needed some help. There were three people working in the deli right next to the bakery, but they pretty much ignored me.

Finally one of the ladies in the deli (high school age) asked if I was wanting something. I said I wanted to get one of the desserts in the case. Her reply was that the guy who was working in the bakery was on a break or taking the garbage out. Then she said she couldn’t help since she didn’t know how.

I was awestruck. It must have showed. She mentioned that the guy would be back in 10 minutes or so and asked me to come back. I had no other shopping to do and was getting ready to walk out of the store empty handed. The girl then mentioned she would give it a try and see if she could do it. She entered in some code and the price that came up was for a dollar more than the one on the dessert.

I was starting to correct her and was seriously going to walk out when the bakery guy returned. Lucky for Sox and I that he did, but what a bad experience. Every time I go in that store I regret it. Their employee training must be horrible. I certainly don’t blame the girl for her ineptitude, but I do blame her training and her managers. I know that it can be hard to approach strangers and offer them help, but that is part of the job at a grocery store.

In the end we got dessert but both places I dealt with left a bad taste in my mouth.