Something Rounded

More packing tonight. I actually threw out something that was very difficult for me to throw away. I’ve already written about how hard it is for me to throw some stuff away.

This item was something I made for my mom and dad way back when I was in elementary school. Maybe grade 2 or grade 3. I can still remember making it while sitting at my desk in the classroom.

It was a Christmas craft and we were making wreaths to hang on our door. We actually used ours for a long time, but for the past 10 years (at least) it has been in storage.

The tidbit you are missing is that it was made of a rounded out coat hanger, and strip of green plastic garbage bag tied to it. Tie on some ribbon and glittery pine cones, and you have the Christmas wreath that I made 20 some odd years ago.

Yes it was ugly. Yes I wanted to keep it. Yes I got rid of it. I hope some day my kids will make something that special to them.