Packing Tendencies

The pack is on. I was working on the garage tonight clearing some stuff out, packing, purging, tossing away.

I will admit it, I am a pack rat. I keep a lot of stuff I don’t need to, so I am making great strides in getting rid of things. It is hard though.

Example? Tonight while in the garage I came across my old fishing gear. I sat on the floor of the garage and poked through my tackle box and other gear. Looking at old lures, poking through old containers, and reminiscing. I thought back to when I used to go fishing a lot.

My friend Trevor and I would go a couple times a week in the summer after grade 12. Englishman River was a common destination. We would hike up the river stopping at all the fishing holes along the way. I remember a specific time where I stopped and sat on the sun warmed rocks and just listened to the babbling river.

I then remembered time I spent fishing with my father. We would often go out in his little aluminum boat and troll around various lakes. We would eat sunflower seeds while fishing.

I then thought about taking my kids fishing and introducing them to what was once a favorite past time of mine.

I think I held on to those things since they remind me of good and happy times in my childhood. Not everything in my childhood was bad, but I definitely like to keep the things that remind me of especially happy times.

So the question is what do I do? Do I keep the gear? Do I give it away? I haven’t gone fishing since 93. What if I want to take it up again? Ahhh, my pack rat tendencies are making me think twice.